An island nation in the South Pacific, Fiji has a fascinating cultural blend of Melanesian, Polynesian, Indian and Chinese, mixed with a little European colonial history.

Thanks to the country’s relative remoteness, the Fijian people have retained a very non-commercial view on life, resulting in one of the friendliest places on earth. It is a land of fine beaches, coconut plantations, and tropical rainforests. Cruise the crystal clear waters of the Mamanuca Islands and Yasawa Islands, swim in the Blue Lagoon, sunbathe on the pristine beaches, or explore the largely unexplored Northern Islands of Taveuni and beyond. The exciting possibilities are truly endless!

The country is generally very safe, with very little major crime. English is spoken widely, and the country is relatively free of disease compared to many other tropical destinations.

Climate and Weather
The climate is typically tropical marine, with little temperature variation throughout the year. The rainy season is from November to April, and is characterised by heavy but brief local showers. However, most of the rain is driven by topography, not seasons, with the mountainous regions getting by far most of the rain.

Scuba Diving
Fiji is a paradise for diving enthusiasts, with many world-class snorkeling and diving sites to be found throughout the country’s 300 islands. A massive variety of tropical fish can be found, as well as reef sharks, manta rays, turtles and dolphins.
The water temperature is constantly warm, and visibility often more than 50 metres.

Fijian Cuisine
Largely due to its multicultural history, Fijian cuisine today is an amazing mix of Indian, Chinese, Western and Polynesian influences. Common ingredients include yam, cassava, breadfruit and taro root, with meats such as beef, pork and poultry being a staple of this complex mixture. Of course, seafood is also a local favorite.
Local exotic fruits are found in abundance in beverages, salads and appetisers, with fresh coconut cream being used a lot both in cooking and as a sauce.

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